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I work with dogs and hang out with dogs all day. Most dogs on here are currently being housed at BARC(Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition), where I have been working since 9/11. BARC is a privately owned no-kill animal shelter located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. The facility can comfortably house a maximum of 25 dogs w/ individual runs. Most dogs we get, are either strays from the street, owner surrendered due to financial/personal difficulties and some, due to the new NY housing/landlord lease policies. We also rescue dogs from city pounds and kill shelters.


** Checkout this teaser trailer for my long overdue documentary about some BARC dogs. I have filmed over 200++ dogs as they come through BARC and find new homes, over the course of 6 years. Its quite difficult to put all this dogs life in one 46 minute documentary, but it will eventually happen.

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Check out my dog ORBIT doing back-to-back tricks. I rescued him from the ACC in Harlem in may of 2001, when he was about 8 months old. I have a series of pictures of him doing his deed to about 30 different landmark attractions around the US when my band took him on a 2 month tour of America. He has some amazing shots of pooping on the lawn across from where JFK got shot, him peeing on the gates of Graceland, him locked up inside the kennel of Disneyworld and riding the tram. I'm going to scan them and post it soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

--Brenda meets Aponte: day 1 and 2

[Brenda ready to pounce on some pigeons]

When Brenda came in, she was tagged as 'doesnt like other dogs', when another dog approaches, she lays flat and arches her back legs in a pouncing position and lays still--almost predator like. Her pounces do however come with a snarl that usually puts another dog in defensive mode, or triggers a fight, regardless that its all a play to her. Aponte was a good candidate to walk her with, he knows how to handle dogs that play too hard or get aggressive and he listens to me. First introduction was a game of play, with Brenda going at Aponte and me yanking her away every single time she gets near and yelling "Stop" after pulling her away. After 10 minutes of this, I let Brenda pounce on Aponte a couple times and him pouncing back. By this point, Brenda was really riled up and showing aggression everytime she pounced. Aponte sensing this, pounced back hard with a loud snarl, and knocked Brenda over. As soon as this happened, I stepped on Brenda's leash all the way to the collar on the ground, not permitting her to get up, and looked at Aponte and told him to Sit Down. I stepped on her leash for a good 5 minutes while she fought to get up, then she decided to lie on her belly when she realized she wasnt going to win this. As soon as she was calm, I released my footing and 30 seconds later, she released her next burst of energy towards Aponte but was met by me,yanking her back and stepping on her leash again. After another 5 minutes of trying to get up, she gave up again. The next time I released her, she came up and rubbed on me. She never went after Aponte after that. The next day, they walked like they have been friends forever, sniffing and waiting on each other.


[Day 1]



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